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Building for Wellness: Designing Nursing Homes for Optimal Health and Happiness

As the population ages, the future of nursing home-care is becoming an important topic. For many people, nursing homes are the last resort, where they go when they can no longer care for themselves. But this is changing, and nursing homes are now designed with health, wellness, and the client in mind.

Our residents’ comfort, safety, and health are of great importance to us here at Heartsworth Center Nursing & Rehabilitation. Our nursing home is designed with the latest research in mind so that our residents can enjoy optimal health and happiness.

A key element of our nursing home is healthy, tasty food. We know that good nutrition is essential for optimal health, with that in mind our kitchen uses freshly sourced ingredients to create nutritious meals.

Knowing how meaningful social connections are for the residents’ well-being. Our nursing home is laid out with communal spaces where residents can mingle and engage in group activities. In addition, we provide a variety of programs and activities that promote physical and mental health, such as exercise classes and music therapy.

The future of Heartsworth Center Nursing & Rehabilitation nursing homes is promising. By focusing on wellness, health, and happiness, we are a new generation of nursing homes that provides our residents with the qualitative care and support they deserve.

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